Taurus Woman And Aquarius Man

Taurus woman always has her fixed ideas about life and will not change for anyone including the Aquarius man. He will try teaching her how to toss around all serious aspects of life and indulging in fun which will excite and interest her and she could laugh too. Unfortunately these reactions would be temporary in nature.She on the other hand can bring a little bit of stability and reckless nature of the man but in either case they have to shed a lot of their stubbornness and rigidity to make the relationship successful.  


One positive side with the match of Taurus woman and Aquarius man is that the woman will learn a lot about life and its different aspects from the partner while the man will learn to accept the philosophy of others for sustaining the relationship for longer periods. The relationship has a different flavor as the Taurus woman values consistency and dependability in any relationship but Aquarius will resist all conventional and tried things and will always look for changes and adventures. Aquarius man is bright and creative thinker with a keen insight the way humans and the rest of the world functions. With a clear perception of history, he will come up with novel ideas that others may find a bit outlandish but he will be committed to them.

Taurus woman is determined with all the qualities that a man would be looking for. With more moral as well as emotional courage in comparison to average women, she can also display occasional fury and stubbornness. Aquarius man is very friendly and is always happy to help others. At times he may seem a bit detached and indifferent but will be usually lovingly warm. Great understanding for the friends is his asset and this is the quality that will cheer up the Taurus lady. The lady on the other hand is gracious and impresses being the perfect hostess for most occasions. Loyal and supportive in relationship she can also be jealous and possessive.

Falling in love with the Aquarius man, the Taurus lady will be focused on the commitment and stability instead of the romantic thrills. She knows exactly how to take care of the Aquarius man but the man should be careful not to be too argumentative or pushy with his Taurus woman. Love making may seem exciting at first but a little less fulfilling for the passionate Taurus woman. She will use sex to express her emotions while the Aquarius man will seem a bit disinterested and detached in the whole proceedings. Romantically thus, the two are not the best compatible partners.

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