Taurus Aquarius Love Match And Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility This Taurus and Aquarius compatibility is not so good in astrology because both of them come with the same dominant personality. Taurus would like to spend most of the time with their family, while Aquarius would have an intention to move away from their family. They are not alike in their personality traits and this thing will create many differences between them. In Taurus and Aquarius compatibility, this pair will not be able to survive for longer span of time and there may be some apprehension of separation in them.


Taurus would like to hide their feelings and emotions while on the other; Aquarians love to express their thoughts and ideas. Taurus believe in toiling for their family but Aquarians are not like the same. This combination will work fine but scarcely and if they do want to make any strong relationship with each then they will have to believe in complete co-ordination and mutual understanding. They both will have to prepare each other for compromise. Making any type of harmony between two can be difficult but not impossible. However, they are opposite to each other yet they will be able to surmount their differences. Their will not be any problem for them if they do overcome their problems for their beautiful life.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility There will not be any good compatibility in such pair and they may be fall in love for a while. Aquarius woman would like to stay in touch with new changes and updates but Taurus man would do opposite to her. He has possessive attitude in every thing and this will create a tension in their relationship. For making their relationship strong and cemented, Taurus man has to bring change in his behavior and attitude because it will only be the fact that makes their relationship life. This pair will not last for longer duration just because of low compatibility ratio. It may be possible that they two feel some attraction on the spur of the moment but it will just fly away in the air after few time. This type of attraction will be common for both of them.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility If there is Taurus woman and other side Aquarius man then it can be said that they two will move like oil and water. He has his own life and habits, for him he and his habits are enough. He will easily ignore what you are thinking because of his own lifestyle. Taurus woman would like to stay in calm and peace while on the other hand; he likes to move and wants some change in the life. If you are talking about their romantic life or any other compatibility then, they two are hardly in love or compatible for each other. They are like two sides of rivers, which can scarcely meet. If they want to pass their lives in making love then they may have to bring some change in their lifestyle. Please note that sun sign compatibility is generalized. There are 11 other planets and 12 houses in the birth chart which affect the overall personality of an individual.


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