Aquarius Woman And Taurus Man

Both Taurus man as well as the Aquarius woman is unconventional by nature. Since opposite polls attract they may also develop an initial attraction for each other. However on the astrological levels these two zodiac signs are never the ideal match for each other.


Ideas of the partners are vastly different from each other because the Taurus man is orthodox while the Aquarius woman is a radical thinker. In result the initially nice looking relationship can very well end up in a mess.   With so many basic differences, love life is bound to be unhappy for both. Since both are very determined persons, there may be frequent battle of wills not conducive to a harmonious relationship. If they really desire to have the relationship last, then each of the partners will have to bend a little from his or her traditional ways.

Taurus loves to stay back in the cool comforts of his home while Aquarius woman will take life lightly and would be more comfortable in a gathering or in association of friends and families. Taurus man is sensible and has a loving heart and for him it is important to create a positive impression about him in the world around. At times he could become more demanding though not liking to mix with the trends of modern society which will create uncomfortable situations for the Aquarius woman.

While Taurus man will not like to rush things though he is quite serious in a relationship, Aquarius woman is realistic and believes in creating her own dreams and paths. But she is also highly unpredictable as she floats around in the mental sphere that is common to her sign element which is Air. She will not bend to anyone’s rule, even that of Taurus and likes to have her own way though in relationship with Taurus she could be very faithful. With air meeting earth, the physical relationship could be fluttery and inconsistent.

Aquarius woman will not focus on physical aspects of romance and love which the Taurus man always will. In a committed relationship Taurus man will require healthy does of lovemaking which Aquarius woman may not be able to provide. His needs on the other hand could be too simple for the woman and she may like to drift away from him on the mental level. It is straightforwardness and stability of Taurus man meeting with hurried excitement and nervous anticipation of Aquarius woman; and the end may not be as one would like it to be.

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